Who’s Who Honorees

The Who’s Who program was originally instituted by the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School Board of Education in 1964. In 1987 the Mepham Alumni Association reestablished this program, which recognizes and honors Mepham Alumni who have made significant accomplishments in their fields of work, outstanding contributions to mankind, and service to their communities. A plaque is located in the Mepham High School foyer listing the Who’s Who honorees and their fields of work.

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Jerry Manne Class of '54Economics and Finance
Roderick E, RitterbuschClass of '61Engineering
Dr. Mark MobiusClass of '54Economics and Finance
There were no Honorees
Lee GriffithClass of '58Business Management
Robert BramanteClass of 2000Emergency Medicine
Clare Eastwood Worthing Class of"46Professional Volunteer
Steven T. Sinatra, M.D.Class of "64Medicine-Cardiology
2013 Awards
Ruth M. Adams FacultyEducation
Robert J. Levine Class of '51Physical Educator
Peter N. Boulukos Class of "55Theology
Dolores Audrey Kuneth Taisey Class of "65Business-Education
2011 Awards
George Boulukos Class of '51Business/Community Activities
Deborah Dachinger Class of '51Entertainment
Roger Mansell Class of '53Publishing
2010 Awards
Harvey L. Poppel Class of '54Information Technology
Gerald Weisenseel Class of '55Information Technology
2009 Awards
Harry M. Betzig Class of '39Engineering
Gudrun Moe Christenson Class of '41Botany
B. Franklin Diamond Class of '59Neurology
Edward D. Westervelt Class of '62Education
2008 Awards
Michael B. Eisenberg Class of '67Education and Information Literacy
2007 Awards
Lauren Boglioli Class of '83Physician, Nuclear Cardiology
Mona Friedman Jamison Class of '67Law
Roy Probeyahn Class of '56Developmental Disabilities
John Scalesi Jr. Class of '75EMT, Fire
Rescue Instructor
George CasoClass of '42Medicine
Gerard FernandezClass of '42Law

Hope Machina Cassidy
Class of '55Administration
Roy Probeyahn Class of '56Developmental Disabilities
Hal MahoneyClass of '49Education
Robert RaveraClass of '56Transportation R & D
Janice Davy OurslerClass of '61Psychiatric Rehabilitation
John M. DiMartinoClass of '50Mechanical Design
Judith Anne Hardy WhitmireClass of '57Public health
William JoelClass of '55Transportation
H. Frederick KoehlerClass of '53High Tech Management
Jeannette Paladino AntinPublic Relations
Frederick C. Lorenzen Class of '50Tool and Die Machine Design
Janet Feagans Launcelott Class of '53Government and Civil Rights
Richard Stieg Class of '55Medicine
David Strom Class of '72Publishing
Peter M. Mollica Class of '45Law
Robert A. Israel Class of '50Biostatistics
Ira S. Jaffrey Class of '56Clinical Cancer Research
Rev. Bruce Nieli Class of '64Religion
George Ruggi Class of '70Sports Medicine & Chiropractic
Thomas A. DeLong Class of '53Publishing/Author
Steve C. Imber Class of '64Special Education
Michael C. Lasky Class of '71Law Community Service
Violette Seibert Lindbeck Class of '45Education/Missionary
Charles Wolf Class of '56Human Services
Ronald W. Anders Class of '51Human Resources/Community Services
George H. Moorse Class of '54Film/TV Production, Screenwriting
William Griffen Class of '46Education
Paul D. Miller Class of '67TV & Film production
Frances C. Munkenbeck Class of '67Cardiology
Linda Brodsky GreenfieldClass of '70Pediatric Ophthamology
David M. Klein Class of '67Opthamology
William Piner Class of '52Physical Education
Steven JaffeClass of '58 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Patricia JohansonClass of '58Environmentalist
Richard R. JohnsonClass of '46Automatic Control Systems
Robert M. PallayClass of '69Family Medicine
Marion Schweisguth LangClass of '61Theatre Arts and Community Building
John G. UllmanClass of '66Business and Finance
Jurgen WorthingClass of '41 Electrical Engineering
John F. AhrensClass of '47Plant Science
Jonathan BartClass of '68Composer/TV & Film Design
David BergerClass of '67Music
Albert J. HoehnClass of '44Sales Management
Lloyd Alan MarksClass of '67 Medicine & Biomedical Engineering
Richard E. O'ShaughnessyClass of '49Education
William Duncan SteensonClass of '45Industrial Real Estate
Deborah Balke LindnerClass of '76Science/Art
Amy Cohen ResnickClass of '42Psychology
Colette InezClass of '48Poetry
Richard E. StraussClass of '50Retail
Pierre P. ChildsClass of '47Architecture
Claudia B. LongClass of '66Physical Education
Marilyn Meinhardt BurnsClass of '58Education
Clarence R. RydbergClass of '44Business
Samuel F. SchoningerClass of '44Attorney/Author
Virginia Ann Cummiskey SimpsonClass of '49Education
Abby I. Gilbert BudnickClass of '69Chiropractic Medicine
David (Michaels) HoltzmanClass of '68 Television Production
Romeo E. MullerClass of '46Screenwriter
Jeffrey L. SeltzerClass of '74Investment Banker
Charles W. StrangClass of '49 Business Education & Economic Development
Carol Finn Meyer SimpsonClass of '46Marketing & Research Education
Ruth Ketcham Lansford Class of '48Environmental Preservation
Seth Poppel Class of '61Business
Clifford W. Reims Class of '42Music [Opera] Education
John Denny Ryan Class of '59Community Service
William M. SavinoClass of '67Law
Constance Testa HayesClass of '64Adapted Physical & Special Education
Michael J. CutinoClass of '68Publishing
Allen C. HaggertyClass of '54Aerospace Engineering
Frank Rico, Jr.Class of '57Human Resources
Robert A. Friedenson, PhD.Class of '60Electrical Engineering
Kenneth R. Kellner, Md, PhDClass of '63Obstetrics & Gynecology
Phyllis Kiovsky Pelikan, RNClass of '41Nursing Education
Barbara Silverman Biggs, PhDClass of '48Psychology
Barbara Goldstein Paltrow Class of '46Attorney at Law
Stanley K. NodlandClass of '48Civil Engineer
Leonard A. Zwelling, MDClass of '66Academic Medicine & Biomedical Research
Sam Cario Class of '48Public Education
Helga Carlson CurtisClass of '40Art & Design
Roger D. ChevalierClass of '64U.S. Coast Guard Service
Marilyn P. Cowan McLarenClass of '60Human Resources Management & Aviation Training
Sanford H. Calhoun Public Education
Patricia Anne Conway PostClass of '56Volunteerism
Ralph E. DonnellyClass of '60Cinema Education
Anna Erlemann Platz Class of '40College Education
Charles P. GregoryClass of '46Interior Design
Richard S. LaskinClass of '56Orthopaedic Surgery
Charles V. PerriconeClass of '62U.S. Air Force Service
Ann Schneider BowkerClass of '45Nursing Administration
Edwin M. SchultheisClass of '45Public Education
Chesterfield F. SeibertClass of '42Chemical Engineering
Marian Averell HirshClass of '48 Medical Practice Management Consultant
William C. BowesClass of '59U.S. Naval Service
Kenneth FisherClass of '54U.S. Air Force Service
Charles A. GarfieldClass of '62Psychology
John T. Patterson, Jr.Class of '46Urban Development
Frank R. RemskiClass of '51Banking
Stephen P. ScaringClass of '59Law
Ralph H. SchmollerClass of '55Electrical Engineering
Frank WinterClass of '40Educational Testing
Robert M. LevineClass of '58College Education
Barbara McCamphill PaigeClass of '59Dental Hygiene
Raymond H. NicklaClass of '59U.S. Air Force Service
Mary Rambo KihlClass of '59College Education
Carl A. PaladinoClass of '46Accounting
Richard F. ParisseClass of '57 Engineering
Elizabeth Pilat MarstonClass of '58 Mass Education
Harlan K. UllmanClass of '58U.S. Naval Service
Kenneth H. YoungClass of '55Ministry
Roone P. ArledgeClass of '48Television Production
Thomas O. GentschClass of '45Surgery
Charles F. Langenhagen, Jr.Class of '47Industry
Trygve R. TholfsenClass of '41Education
Peter Alexander Class of '52Nuclear Physics
Albert W. BahrClass of '41Ministry
Lansing G. Blackshaw Class of '54Nuclear Engineering
Mary Ditmer HouskaClass of '50Economics
Frank W. GobetzClass of '54Aeronautical Engineering
Albert C. NeimethClass of '46Law
Ronald R. OndrejkaClass of '49Music
Pascal J. Perri Class of '46Business
Russell E. RandallClass of '45Medical Research
Daniel J. AndersonClass of '47Chemical Engineering
James F. BiggsClass of '42Actuarial Computation
Robert E. CarnClass of '46Mathematics
Harold M. GladstoneClass of '48Chemical Research
Walter P. Johnson, Jr.Class of '45Public Education
Robert W. KellyClass of '40Mechanical Engineering
Robert T. SnyderClass of '48Psychology
Arthur L. BergerClass of '41Law
Adeline P. BullockClass of '40Nursing
George D. HelmClass of '44Electrical Engineering
Dorothy HuntingtonClass of '44Psychology
Thomas J. KellyClass of '46Aeronautical Engineering
John T. LiellClass of '39Sociology
John S. LockmanClass of '41Jurisprudence
John G. MasekClass of '52Nuclear and Physical Chemistry
Eric R. RudeClass of '42Science Research
Terrance H. TennantClass of '52Aeronautical Engineering
Frank E. Young, MDClass of '49Cancer Research