An Important Announcement From Your W.C. Mepham Alumni Association

Our new website is now fully operational ! We urge all you Pirates to visit and tour the page contents. You will find news from the Alumni Association, school activities and events.

We are going GREEN !

If you have an e-mail account please register and Join with us to get all our mailings in your Inbox. Our Quarterdeck will be available online here and much more.

You may set up your own profile, listing your school activities, personal information, i.e. career, special interests, life events, including a selfie. You have the option to choose to make your information including your Profile public so other Pirates can get in touch with you through your Facebook or Linked in links or keep your Profile private if you wish.

Our costs to accomplish this redesign and update were significant and we ask when you do Join that you please make a dues payment or a donation of your choosing to help offset the costs so we may continue to support the students and the school with Scholarships and Special educational and other projects.

If you have joined previously before our unofficial opening in Mid-July, you must re-join at this time to reactivate your Profile as you originally completed it, or edit it at this time. There will be no need to pay dues again or make another donation that is entirely up to you.

Board of Directors
W.C. Mepham Alumni Association
President Carol Kilgallin 1972
Webmaster Roy Probeyahn 1956