Mepham Class of ’58 had a 60th reunion on April 28. 75 classmates and spouses came to dinner at the Hutchinson Island Marriott Hotel in Stuart Florida. Many classmates came a few days early to hang out by the pool with old friends. A few graduates from ’57 and ’59 joined us. We picked Stuart, Florida, because many former classmates live there and in Jensen Beach.
We started to plan the event in February, 2017, in order to get the best hotel rates and to search, high and low, for our classmates. (It is a requirement to call your alumni association if you get a new e-mail address or phone number, or if you move.) It was exciting to talk to old friends and have them say they will come. We have not spoken to some of them in 60 years.
Highlights of our reunion: Cocktail party Friday night. We expected 30 people but 60 showed up because it rained so hard it wasn’t safe to drive elsewhere. It was fun. Breakfast Friday and Saturday was at Berry Fresh Café in Stuart. They served us scrumptious food including unusual stuffed French toast, pancakes, avocado toast and freshly squeezed Florida orange juice.
Daytimes were spent at the 3 hotel pools and tiki bars, at the nearby Oceanographic Coastal Center or at the Elliott Museum. Some of us took long walks around the huge hotel property.
Saturday night: Cocktail hour and delicious dinner at the hotel. The hors d’oeuvres, roast beef and mahi mahi were delicious. Audrey Kane and Lee Griffith, two of our most distinguished classmates, made speeches. Ellen Fleming won the 50/50 raffle. A few classmates won bottles of wine as door prizes. Al Stevens, another DCM, brought his iPod with 1000 songs but there wasn’t much dancing; we were too busy catching up on 60 year’s worth of old times.
Sunday breakfast at the Marriott was a buffet with fresh lox, bacon and eggs and lots of fresh Florida fruit. We expected 20 classmates but over 40 came. It was a good deal for 15 bucks.
We are now planning a 63rd or 65th reunion. Is anyone interested in running it?
Jim Dreeben, Class of ’58. 631-834-2525 or